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Meet the team.

We challenge current mindsets and encourage new thinking. We design bold new solutions for providing more effective, engaging and meaningful legal services.

Our team is multidisciplinary and diverse, forward-thinking and innovative. We are talented lawyers, designers, researchers, educators and professionals committed to revolutionising the law.

Creating a positive impact through legal design inspires us every day.


Antti Innanen

Co-Founder & CEO

Antti is a legal design pioneer and also the co-founder of Legal Design Summit, the biggest legal design event in the world.

He is a frequently requested presenter at various legal design seminars such as Legal Geek, Legal Hackers and JDHorizons.


Aku Nikkola

Partner, UX/UI Design

Aku has worked at Dot. since it was reborn as its entity. He is a rare combination of legal and UX/UI design skills.


As our UX/UI design lead, Aku is responsible for what our redesigned legal products look and feel like.


Rojda Tosun

Visiting Legal Designer

Rojda is a fully qualified lawyer and a legal innovation consultant, focusing on legal design and access to justice.


She is also a seasoned community builder dedicated to helping people from diverse backgrounds thrive.

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